It’s our pleasure to welcome you to Telcom Marketing, Ltd. (TML). TML is the authorized agent for GNB Industrial Battery(a division of Exide Technolgies) in the AZ, NM, CO, UT, WY, ID, MT markets. The owners of TML saw the need for a service organization to support their DC power product line and thus Power Product Services (PPS) was formed. Dedicated to high standards of excellence and quality since the current principals took ownership in 1991.

We are in the business to provide DC power.  We are dedicated to providing superior power products and services to our customers. The products and services that we provide keep critical power loads in business when commercial power fails.  Whether it is a telephone office providing voice, data and video or a large manufacturer that requires continual on line power to keep operating, we provide the equipment to make sure our customers are “on line, all the time”.

  • MSDSMaterial Safety Data Sheet
  • RecyclingOur industry runs on spent batteries
  • Compliance Compliant with local, state, & federal regulations



"Just spoke with the electrician regarding Kevin and Zach. In addition to how good the TML/PPS guys were to work with, he commented on how knowledgeable and how exacting and detailed they did their job. It has been noted and forwarded."