Company History


TML originally began in the mid 1980’s.  It was formed soon after the divestiture of AT&T.  With divestiture came the opportunity to provide products to the local Bell operating companies which no longer had the likes of a Western Electric to provide the telecommunications and power equipment required by the telephone industry.  TML helped to fill that void and at the time sold a host of products to the “Telco’s” including batteries and other DC power equipment.

Fitting hand in hand with the provisioning of Telco equipment came the need for service to install and test this equipment.  For this reason PPS was also formed.  Starting out small where just the current salesmen wore the sales and the service hat, PPS has grown to a company which has established offices in 5 states and has performed services in a good share of the 50 states.  A slow controlled growth has kept PPS and its mother company TML financially strong and poised for continued growth to meet the ever increasing need for backup power.



"Just spoke with the electrician regarding Kevin and Zach. In addition to how good the TML/PPS guys were to work with, he commented on how knowledgeable and how exacting and detailed they did their job. It has been noted and forwarded."